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Jodo Shu Hymns (eisho)
Jurin-ji in Takasago, Harima
When I am born in the Pure Land
I will recall the deep sincerity
among loved friends
from my home town.
by Honen Shonin

While Honen Shonin was travelling in exile to Shikoku, he gave a sermon at a gathering of fisherfolk at the bay of Takasago in present day Hyogo, now a sacred site of Jodo Shu. Although his stopover was short, the villagers were awakened to the joy of certain emancipation by reciting the nembutsu and attaining a true faith in Amida Buddha's Original Vow (hongan). If this is done, whatever bad karma exists is immediately extinguished.

Explanation of Verse: If we recite the nembutsu, we can board the raft of Amida's Original Vow and certainly be born in the Pure Land. If we are born in the Pure Land before others (die before them), we will certainly recall the deep faith by which we vowed to all former companions to experience the joy of the nembutsu in this world and to be born together in the Pure Land. How do others also become diligent in the nembutsu? By reflecting on the joy we will share when we meet in the Pure Land.

Sermoning to old fisherfolk couple at Takasago Bay in Harima (Harima-kuni Takasago-no-ura-nite gyomin-no-rofufura o kyokasuru) from the Honen Shonin gyojoezu, Scroll 34, section 20.
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