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 7. HAMAKUA Jodo Mission
The Oldest Japanese Buddhist Temple In Hawaii Standing On The Hill With A View Of The Pacific
Address : Honokaa Point, Hawaii 96727 U.S.A.
Mail to : P.O.Box 7 Honokaa, Hawaii 96727 U.S.A.
Telephone : (1)808-775-0965
Japanese HP :
Main Events
  1. O-bon service and Bon-dancing on the 2nd Saturday of August
  2. Higan-e, Hanamatsuri and some other services
  3. Joya-e service to strike the watchnight bell and welcome the New Year
Built at present location as the first Japanese Buddhist temple all over Hawaii islands in 1896. Enshrined "DaiNihon-Denrai-Amidanyorai" which was delivered by the founder Rev.Gakuo Okabe from Japan. Built Konpondo in 1916.
55 minutes by car from Hilo International Airport
Getting Around
Waipio Valley is 10 minutes by car. Waimea famous for Parker's which was said the biggest private ranch in the world is 15 minutes by car.
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