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 2. HALEIWA Jodo Mission
HALEIWA Jodo Mission
Located at The Mouth of NorthShore And Apply Groval Religious Activity
Address : 66-279A Haleiwa Road,Haleiwa,Hawaii 96712 U.S.A.
Telephone : (1)808-637-4382
Facsimile : (1)808-637-3405
Japanese HP :
Main Events
  1. O-bon service for ancestors, Shoryo-nagashi and Bon-dancing are held from July to August
  2. Mochitsuki (pounding boiled rice) service at the end of December
  3. Sushi sale (Father's day service) in the middle of June
  4. Memorial day service at the end of May
  5. Visiting and cleaning graveyards from June to July
Founded at present location as the name of Haleiwa Buddhism Kyokaido in 1903. Changed its'name after extended and reconstructed the main hall.
60 minutes by car from Honolulu International Airport
Getting Around
Matsumoto Shave Ice is 3 minutes by car. Waimea Valley is 10 minutes by car. Sunset Beach is 12 minutes by car.Turtle Bay Hilton is 15 minutes by car. Waikiki is 80 minutes by car. Jodo Mission of Hawaii is 70 minutes by car.
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